Let Michael Markiewicz handle your film’s accounting. With decades of specialized experience handling all stages from to development to post-production, Michael takes a holistic and refined approach to film tax planning.

Beginning with pre-production accounting, Michael can help you set up a bank account, obtain federal ID numbers, and assist you in applying for tax credits that can contribute to financing your film. He can also help with budget preparation, review your line producer’s work, and manage financial reporting.

Once production has commenced, Michael can help with any accounts payable, accounts receivables, petty cash, and cost reporting. He can also manage your film’s payroll ensuring your film pays residuals for cast and crew unions including SAG-AFTRA, IATSE, Teamsters, DGA, PGA, and WGA. If there’s an accident on set, Michael can help file the insurance claim.

In post-production, Michael can help make sure you receive your tax credit by filing the necessary paperwork. All of Michael’s services are tailored for your film, whether it’s short term or if you need additional photography after production.