Fashion is a $370 billion dollar industry in the United States and New York City is its unofficial fashion capital, with over 900 fashion companies headquartered in the city. Michael Markiewicz has more than three decades of experience working as a CPA for clients in NYC and understands the financial complexities of this fast-paced fashion capital. Utilizing his expertise in tax and accounting best practices, Michael has helped clients from every facet of the apparel industry stay profitable and competitive in this vast market, including fashion designers, retailers, textile suppliers, and apparel manufacturers and importers.

Michael provides smart, strategic, industry-specific accounting solutions that encompass current financial needs as well as future goals so that his fashion clients can focus on staying creative and innovative. For example, Michael recognizes that there can be significant fluctuations in earnings each year within the fashion industry and other creative industries, so he makes sure to incorporate individual and corporate tax planning and cash projections to smooth out the uneven earning years.