Green Energy

In choosing your accountant, pick someone who respects the health of the planet as much as that of your bottom line.

With skyrocketing investments and capacity over recent years, two things are certain about the Green Energy industry: it’s here to stay and is sure to experience some dramatic volatility. Michael’s specialty in tax planning and compliance is central to the value he provides to the Green Energy field, as tax incentives on the local, state and federal levels are prone to updates and wild inconsistencies.

However, knowledge of the tax code is just the beginning of what Michael offers businesses that specialize in renewables. From business consulting to payroll and accounting, his expertise resides in establishing the foundations for growth while filling any gaps in overall business strategy and reporting.

The Green Energy space is filled with startups working to provide real-world momentum to the implementation of new technologies, as well as established businesses that have survived tumultuous early years and now need to take big steps into the realm of consistent profits. Whatever your stage of business, Michael has the experience to identify the most cost-effective solutions for both today and the future. Contact him today.