Michael Markiewicz understands that success for non-profits is defined differently than in the business world. Non-profits and charities are driven by the goals of making qualitative impacts upon the lives of everyday people and on the culture in general. The values-driven work itself is both a daily grind and a delicate dance between fundraising, programming and reporting.

Michael takes particular pleasure in steering his non-profit clients toward fulfilling their diverse missions by assisting with payroll administration, long-term tax planning and other accounting necessities. His skills in financial reporting are particularly essential in this field, where donations are predicated on trust that a particular organization budgets with a sense of responsibility to its financial partners. Transparent and competently executed reporting is especially important when applying for grants and Michael has decades of experience in supporting financial aspects of the application process so his clients can focus on communicating their passions and project visions to potential funders.

In addition to the core services that Michael provides to the industry, he also has a breadth of knowledge and experience in overall business consulting services that also apply to non-profits, such as forecasting cash flows, providing guidance on contracts and revenue tracking.

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