Business Transition / Succession Services

Business transition can be a complex and costly endeavor without appropriate planning, and having the proper consultation is crucial to avoid any pain when transitioning ownership. Michael Markiewicz provides business transition and succession services to help smoothly transfer ownership of your company. Whether you need to transfer ownership from business to business, set up succession of your business to family members or non-stock holding heirs, or plan for a merger, each transition requires a specialized approach.  

Planning for the future requires the best guidance. Michael can help identify your goals, outline and develop a personalized transition plan, and either identify a buyer or help you get the best price for your business. If you want to keep the business in the family, Michael can lend his expert advice, personalized to ensure your business’s legacy.

Not ready to sell or transition? It’s still important to start planning for transition or succession early in case of accidents or emergencies. Essential planning for transitions includes tax planning, wealth planning, and financial planning.